Chance is the name we gave our beautiful son. We wanted him to know exactly what he meant to us. He is our chance to become better people, our chance to learn and to grow, our chance at learning how to love unconditionally. This blog is dedicated to our first son. Our hope is that he will read it when he is older and realize just how much he has always meant to us.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good Firsts & Bad Firsts

I was a bad mommy this morning. So before i repress the memory i want to make sure i record it so little man knows exactly how UNperfect his mom is :)

At 5.5 months old, Chance experienced his first Fall, and i don't mean the kind with the pretty leaves, windy days, jackets and scary lawn decorations, although this is his first Autumn also. The kind of Fall he experienced this morning was the kind where he starts on the bed and ends up on the floor.

That's right. This bad mommy let her son roll off the bed this morning.

Let me tell you nothing can describe the sound of a baby hitting a floor. And me being maybe 10 feet away in the bathroom, screaming "NOOOOOO!!!!" as i run toward the screaming hump on the floor just doesn't do it justice.

I guess it was bound to happen eventually, these are the moments that teach us we are not better then everyone, and we do make mistakes. I'm not perfect. But Chance is pretty darn near it. True to form he cried for maybe a minute and a half and then was perfectly satisfied with a bottle of Cherry Pedialyte.

God i love this kid. I don't deserve him, but i love him.

Needless to say he just told me in the most traumatizing manner possible that, "Mom, I'm a little old to be laying on the bed by myself, want me to show you why?"

Got it. Thanks, Chance.

Now that the "Bad First" has been documented, lets move on to the happy stuff :)

Chance managed a pretty good rollover at Miss Sarahs. Mommy didn't get to see it, but i'm so proud anyways. He even mastered the more difficult "back to front" roll! At 5 months, we had been led to believe he would be behind in the physical milestones - but he keeps showing us that NOTHING is holding him back. I can't wait to see it for myself. 

But because Chance is Chance, his first roll is met with a couple more big deals. Let's talk about them...

He can now, witnessed by Mommy, Daddy and Grandpa and Grandma Reynolds, push up on his arms during tummy time. Weak core? I don't think so. Soon we are going to be watching him crawl like a mad child across the floor, but until then - man i am so proud of him.

And since the doctors keep asking if he's doing it for some reason, he finally decided he would stop keeping everyone waiting and start grabbing at some toys. Now those gyms with the hanging rattles and noisemakers and funny stuffed animals make sense, he's Hell bent on tearing them all down. Finally he's noticed he has hands and he can grab things with them.

Every major milestone met. On time.

What's Spina Bifida?

Mommy loves you Chance <3