Chance is the name we gave our beautiful son. We wanted him to know exactly what he meant to us. He is our chance to become better people, our chance to learn and to grow, our chance at learning how to love unconditionally. This blog is dedicated to our first son. Our hope is that he will read it when he is older and realize just how much he has always meant to us.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Delivery Date is Set!

At our OB appointment today for our 32 week checkup we got the official date. April 27, 2011 is the day our beautiful son will come into the world.
I told Brent that as excited as I am, i am more anxious now than before. Somehow getting the date makes it seem more real, more close...
But we have made it this far and we will continue "making it". Baby steps...

I love you Chance, 6 weeks you will be here and we can finally hold you and kiss you <3
Brings tears to my eyes, this has been such a difficult journey, but totally worth it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

31 Week Update

So we finally got a hold of the Neurosurgeon that is going to be doing Chance's surgery. They couldn't get us in until the end of March. I thought that was a little strange, i will be almost 34 weeks. Whatever, i've given up understanding doctors these days. But i still had my 31 week ultrasound appointment with my Peri. The tech is always so nice and cheerful, it always eases the inevitable tension in the room just a little. She always tries to get us good profile and face shots, but usually they end up looking a little weird, but i still love adding to my collection! Here are our pictures, the first of his handsome profile, the second is an adorable picture of his face :) He was very cooperative with the tech this week, moved his hand when she asked and everything :)
Anyways back to the reason we go to these things so much...
His ventricles haven't grown much in the last 3 weeks, thank God. I was so worried that after the 4mm jump we had last time he was going to be well in the 20mm's this week - he wasn't! He still measured at about 19mm, so up about 1mm from 28 weeks. I'll take it! She looked as his spine but only briefly. When my doctor came in he didn't look at anything like he usually does, just talked to us for a few minutes...i guess at this point, there isn't much point? Haha. I mean you can only look at a hole and a sac on a baby's spine so many times right? My doctor asked if we had been in to see the neurosurgeon yet, i told him i hadn't, they couldn't get me in for a few more weeks. He looked at me and goes "Really? Well i hope you don't have a baby by then!" Lol! You and me both buddy. This little one is still cooking.

So the short of it is, i go back to have another ultrasound in about a week and a half, so that when i go to my NS a week later, i have updated pictures to give him. My peri said we are looking at delivery between 38 and 39 weeks, end of April to beginning of May is when we finally get to see and hold Chance. I can't wait!